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Wood Type

Wood Type



Teak is a species well known for its strength, stability and . It is popularly used by manufacturers and preferred by end users. Teak used nowadays does not affect our living environment as it generally comes from plantations and not from natural forests.

Teak is viewed as one of precious species of wood for its fine texture and beautiful color. As the wood has an excellent anti-termite property, it is widely used as materials for floor, door, furniture, panel, stair case and hand rail. It can be said it is the material suitable for all purposes.



Merbau is a hard, strong and durable wood. It has a rough texture and relatively straight grain. These features ensure the wood is stable and does not crack easily after proper kiln dry process. With the above mentioned features Merbau is suitable to be used as floor, panel, door, decking and other products.



Oak is not originated from Indonesia, however it is a material widely used in the world. It is generally classified as white or red Oak, in which white Oak is a bit harder than the red. Oak also owns a fine and smooth texture. It is also just as hard as Teak. White Oak has a yellowish white surface with beautiful grain structure. It is usually used in making floor, stair case, hand rail, door, panel and other products.



Sonokeling is strong and durable. The mixing of red, deep purple and dark black yields an elegant appearance. Sonokeling is generally considered as hard wood with fine texture, and the wood has a strong resistance to termite too. Sonokeling is a suitable material for making floor, panel, sports equipment and musical intruments.